Two Days To Progress

April 25th & 26th, 2013

Santa Monica, California

Use your superpowers for good. Can you change the world in two days?

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Two Days To Progress is a unique blend of technology, philanthropy, business, and collaboration that aims to solve problems in healthcare, finance, education, R&D, and politics. Over the course of two days, developers, designers, and other experts will collaborate with industry experts and NGO leaders to create applications to help change the world.

This event is the culmination of the development of, and celebration of, Open Source software projects that help people quickly create platforms capable of re-inventing how we approach problems.


You'll spend time each day in technical sessions, learning new techniques and technologies from the masters. We'll be covering everything from building sleek APIs, to designing with new-wave JavaScript frameworks, to crafting exceptional user experiences. You won't want to miss it.


You'll hear experts working across a variety of industries pitch you on what their major pain points are, and how you might be able to help solve them. After selecting an expert to partner with, you and your team will work together with your expert to develop their pitch into a tangible idea, and rapidly prototype a solution.

Throughout the process, you'll get hands-on technical experience working directly with a diverse group of peers, and the masters you'll be learning from.


Finally, you and your team will present your demo/research/idea to the audience. Winning team(s) will receive swag, prizes, and additional incentives for your team to bring your idea from incubator stage to full public launch and beyond.


Photo: AP/Damian Dovarganes

Nolan Bushnell an engineer and entrepreneur who has founded Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, and most recently, a new startup that is determined to help educate the world. He is the founding father of the video game industry, and is one of Newsweek’s "50 Men That Changed America."

Photo: @lachlanhardy

Nate Abele passionate about creating great developer experiences through Open Source, and using technology to empower individuals & increase personal freedom. Lead developer/co-founder of Lithium & has contributed to many OS projects. Honed his talents across diverse environments, from startups to Silicon Valley powerhouses.

GWoo a passionate open source developer and community member. He continues to innovate in PHP web framework space as project manager of Lithium, the most rad PHP framework.

Dean Sofer frontend developer & the founder of the AngularUI project. An avid Open Source developer, Dean was born with write permissions to several SourceForge repositories. He enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset with his gameboy.


Health Care · R&D · Finance · Politics · Education · Be ready for more...


We love technologies that help us brainstorm about, focus on, and ship great software products and services. Join us to learn about and work with these technologies and more.


Lithium helps you quickly tie together disparate services and technologies to create powerful backends and APIs for rich front-end experiences. Come help us launch Lithium 1.0 by creating something great with it!


AngularJS takes the process of creating rich HTML5 apps to the next level. Forget jQuery selectors and DOM manipulation, Angular helps you craft amazing user experiences with a fraction of the code.


Non-relational document stores like MongoDB and Couchbase allow you to immediately get up and running, evolve your data model quickly, and they map well to complex applications without a lot of overhead. Asynchronous systems like 0MQ help you efficiently scale hard-core processing tasks, keeping user experiences speedy and responsive.

Hey! Our friends at Couchbase are getting together in LA on April 19th. Join them to learn more about Couchbase.


Social Contract

All participants are expected to be professional, responsible, mature adults. Intentionally harrassing behavior is prohibited. Bad jokes (especially bad puns) are also prohibited.